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“The Bellevue family law attorneys at Humphrey & Associates see you as much more than just a ‘case’. Rather, we treat you as a valuable person that we have the immensely enjoyable privilege of serving.”

Vincent Humphrey, Esq.
Founder – Humphrey & Associates

we provide peace of mind

Bellevue family law attorneys Humphrey & Associates was founded on the understanding that anyone who is experiencing extremely difficult life situations like divorce or personal injury deserve high caliber, supportive, caring and just as important, affordable legal representation. After all, facing highly personal legal issues can be traumatic enough. Working with a lawyer shouldn’t add insult to injury. We represent a broad range of clients, from large and small business owners, to technology professionals, to area dentists and lawyers and their spouses, to professional athletes and teachers. Justice is for everyone, not just for some.  

Working with our Bellevue family law attorneys brings you peace of mind, by allowing you to continue on with your life as we attend to your legal matters. Our compassionate service model includes flexibility with appointment scheduling and payment arrangements. Our representation style is flexible. This means we can either be aggressive towards your issue (if called for), or we can take more of a collaborative approach depending on the circumstances of your case and overall objectives.

We are available to consult with you in a private setting at a time that is convenient for you. As a client of the firm you will not just have an attorney, but a trusted advisor who is available for you when you need it most. We seek to build lasting relationships with all of our clients, offering you a friend in the legal community you can turn to with questions or concerns — even after the conclusion of your case. One of our greatest delights is friends and family referrals to this effect!

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