Child Custody Lawyers

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Parenting Plans Require
Collaborative Solutions

It is no secret that raising children presents many challenges. These challenges are exponentially compounded when a child is being raised in two homes at the same time, and by two separate parents who used to be a team. As the dedicated Bellevue child custody attorney many parents have trusted to reach amicable custody agreements, or ‘parenting plans.’ Parenting plans are essential for providing children with stability, predictability and consistency. After all, children are the most vulnerable, impressionable members of a divorce situation. They are also the parties who stand the greatest chance of being irreparably affected if both parents cannot put aside their disagreements and differences for the good of those who depend on them the most.

As a Bellevue child custody attorney who understands it takes a community to raise a child, we always attempt to work out a compromising, collaborative solution with the other parent’s attorney, and thus create a parenting plan that works for everyone involved. However, and we state this without hesitation or reserve, our primary responsibility as your Bellevue child custody attorney is to defend and protect you and your children in high conflict or heavily contested child custody situations. Therefore, we want you to feel confident in the knowledge that our best interests are first and foremost yours.

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